Family Raised  AKC working German Shepherds- for  medical alert and personal service

General Care, Nutrition, and Tips of living with German Shepherds



I recommend the Infinia, as well as Four Health by Tractor Supply or Purina's One Beyond... the best thing is to visit and see for yourself how kibbles are rated and their values.

 I always supplemented the kibble with cottage cheese/yogurt three times a week, fresh cooked or canned salmon or mackerel on the days in between, and an egg once a week. I give them a Vitamin C (500-1000mg time release) twice a day, Vitamin E (400i.u.) once a day, and Fish Oil caps once a day. For the most part this has proven to be a very effective diet for the dogs. Puppies begin on this as soon as they are able to handle kibble on their own.  Actually pups take the vitamins separately happily with peanut butter.



When the litter is too large for the mother to support it, they are on a homemade orphan formula for support and they thrive! This litter definitely was strong and healthy but the dam developed a bad case of mastitis and they had to be supported nonetheless. 

The orphan formula I use was given to me by my vet from the '80's however is also recommended in the book, Canine Reproduction, A Breeders Guide by Phyllis A Holst, MS, DVM 


  • 1cup goats milk, (cows milk is sufficient sometimes)
  • 3 egg yolks,
  • 1tsp of corn oil 
  • 2 tsp light Karo syrup,
  • a few drops of puppy vite

Mix well, place in bottles with nipples free flowing but not dripping and feed puppies.

Good nutrition at an early age is critical to the good development of a strong healthy German Shepherd.



I have gone to a full scale RAW program and my kennel is thriving on it. I do not worry about recalls and know everything they eat! Its less expensive for me and actually more interesting to put together.  Following the guidelines set forth by and recommended reading of the following book,  Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats by Kymythy Schultze.  Though it requires more prep, I have much more enthusiasm for meal time and better results healthwise. The yard has been wonderful to keep clean now too with the less waste to pick up.

And I still supplement with the vitamins and fish as well.  


It's important to understand the digestive needs of the German Shepherd Dog and what they can and cannot tolerate, and their potential medical issues. I suggest research and homework about the breed so that you can ask all your questions when you check out your puppy. Going into the care and welfare of a GSD blind is a risky investment. I welcome all inquiries.

I also use Diatamaceous Earth from to deworm internally as well as a flea dust when needed. It's affordable and healthy for them. There are many holistic methods to employ that don't tax their systems with chemicals and overmedication as well and I try to maintain that as much as possible.