SCS 1st Litter SCS 1st Litter 7 Puppies... So Tiny... 129510088 Bella with her Brood Nursing time 129510089 Mercury meets Atlas Hello Daddy! 129510090 Bella and Mercury The Parents 129510091 Athena at 5 weeks How can you deny that face? 129510092 Athena and Atlas backyard fun 129510093 Athena and Atlas and Roush 4 months old in the backyard 129510094 Riding to Winter Haven at 5 weeks 129510096 in the back seat riidinig to winter haven, fl 129510097 Father and Sons Mercury, Atlas and Roush 129510098 Athena at 6 months (a black and red) 129510099 Brother and Sister together always Athena an d Atlas at 6 months 129510100 Mercury and Athena Sire (background) and Daughter 129510103 Atlas and Athena playtime! 129510104 Playtime always a game to play somewhere together 129510105 Brothers pursuing Sister turning on Athena 129510106 Running the back yard playtime 129510107 Mercury and offspring Mercury in far background, moving forward Atlas, Roush and Athena. 129510109 129510110 Atlas at 6months 129510111