Family Raised  AKC working German Shepherds- for  medical alert and personal service

Mercury's Legacy....Our Puppies

Every once in a while, a dog comes into my life.... and I am never the same again... in fact I am a better person for having experienced them. My beautiful Mercury was one such dog... a Craigslist find, a breeder hunt and papers acquired, an incredible temperament, beauty to behold, a joy to train and know and be loved by.   A legacy of incredible offspring. There's a hole in my heart where he resides in my sweetest memories... til we are reunited... Revelation 5:13

His Legacy..

SCS 1 litter, 7 puppies


SCS 2 litter - 10 puppies

Shelby, Gunner, Vidarr, and Kane  

Thor, Diesel, Raider, Frankie,

Vita, Tanya and Cade


SCS 3 Litter  (Athena x Jett) 7 pups Mercury's grandoffspring


SCS 4 Litter (Tanya x Jett)  2 pups Mercury's grandoffspring

Both...Diabetic Alert Dogs- Rocky and Jazzy (Jazzy is still training)! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Atlas & Edie's Puppies  2 Litters SC5 & 6

Tanya's legacy...

With the deepest sorrow and agony since Mercury passed I had to let one of his daughters go to Pyometra.

2 failed breedings, since an infection last fall ... all  horrible history best forgotten now, but oh so costly .... and the most major reason why a pregnant bitch should never be taken to parks and public places!  Then a botched spay, and I lost Tanya to that insidious disease!

So sweet, so incredibly astute and intelligent, raised by Ken Tolar, she gave him nearly a year of Eldercare service even though he let her suffer through a rogue pregnancy. Then she gave us the beautiful litter of Rocky and Jazzy... tho a complicated delivery. From  then on she served a vet for PTSD until he found a new relationship and then she came home to stay... An excellent mother, wonderful temperament, fabulous loving girl! I miss Tanya with all my heart... I will always be grateful for the support of my friend Brenda Baldwin that awful night we lost her. 

Run free and whole again with Ken now Tanya!